Christmas Floral Designs

While some of us have been planning our Christmas holiday all year, others are more of the last minute planners and rush to get things done. A majority of people focus on Christmas gift baskets, hampers and flowers shopping, others the meal, but what about the décor? Are you planning to hang a wreath on your door this holiday season? What about centerpieces for the dining room table? And how about your tree? All of these things are common considerations whether you are running around like crazy or carefully planning out each activity for the holiday season. Here are a few ideas to get you started on your holiday floral designs and how to execute them properly so you can use them for yourself.

The Wreath

christmas wreathMany people put up wreaths during the holidays, they can be found on the outside of homes, inside on the walls, and even used as centerpieces on the dinner table. No matter how you choose to use your wreath this season, why not make your own? You can easily pick up a foam wreath, cut off the corner edges on the inside and outside of the foam, and begin to decorate it however you like. Many people use snips of pine, tree ivy, and bur balls, but why not add flowers? Poinsettias are beautiful additions to your wreath, as well as roses, baby’s breath, and carnations. Matching the greens with reds, whites, and yellows makes a beautiful wreath and can easily be watered to keep it looking fresh and vibrant this holiday season. If you plan to use this as your centerpiece at the table, place a tall church or pilar candle in a plastic bowl and place it in the center of your wreath. This will not only attract attention, but you can also use it as a wonderful conversation starter.

The Gift

christmas gift basketsAnother amazing idea for floral design during the holidays is to wrap a square shaped vase or tank in wrapping paper, complete with ribbon which can be easily bowed into a flourishing Christmas style gift bow, and add water carefully to the tank. Once you have added the water, take about a dozen or so roses and place them intricately through and around the bow. This will help fill in any spaces in the ribbon and makes the bow seem larger. You can then fill a few other spaces with baby’s breath, pine snips, and tree ivy to make it appear more unique and a little more natural. This can easily be placed at the center of your table or any other place of your choosing.

The Tree

christmas treeWhile some people never think about it, you can turn your tree into a floral design as well. Take poinsettias and roses and place them all over your tree just like you would with ornaments. This will make your tree look more unique. To keep your flowers looking fresh longer, place each flower stem in a small sandwich baggie containing a little water and using a rubber band, secure the baggie to the stem. You can also use silk or fake flowers and place them in open ornaments which you can easily slide the flowers in and out of to hang on your tree.


There are so many floral design ideas specifically for the holiday season that you shouldn’t forget to decorate your home and your table with these beautiful designs. Each design you find is going to be a fun conversation starter that you can shock your friends and family with that you made it yourself. This is a beautiful way to decorate for the holidays and there is no reason why your table, shelves, and tree should look bare. Christmas is the holiday we all look forward to as we can spend time with family and friends while enjoying good food, unique décor, and bright, vivid color contrasts that we don’t see all year long.

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