5 Key Tips to Sending Flowers

centrepiece arrangementThe tradition of sending flowers as gifts goes back centuries. However, where ancestors are would have inevitably had to pick the flowers and arrange them themselves, we’re lucky enough to have florists that can do it for us, but this doesn’t mean you can just opt out and leave all the hard work to your chosen online Perth floral provider. Like with any gift, when sending flowers it is most definitely the thought that counts, so you need to make sure that from inception to delivery it’s clear that your loved one has been thought of throughout the whole process.

Design and Planning

Once you have decided to gift your loved one with a floral extravaganza you can beginning thinking about what exactly you are going to send. This may take some time and agonizing but the most important thing to remember is to find a flower that suits the person who will be receiving them. If your loved one loves bright colours and bold prints then reflect that in the flowers that you choose. Make sure you tailor everything to the individual.

Be Involved

It’s not enough to simply walk into a florist say you want a bouquet and take whatever they offer you. You need to make sure you are involved in all decisions made. However, this doesn’t mean you can simply disregard any advice that you do offer you. They will have a huge amount of experience working with and giving flowers, so take advantage of this.

No Boxes

flower bouquetWrapping your flowers instead of putting them in a box will not only look far more attractive but it will also be better for the flowers themselves, as when they are hidden away in a box the sunlight cannot reach them which may cause them to wilt and die much quicker than you would like. Wrapping the flowers within a cone shape is the traditional way and will keep your flowers fresh and vibrant.


You might have gone all out with the arrangement but the personalisation does not stop there. Add a cute gift card and even a lovely ribbon tie, to really show how much you care.

Be Careful with the Delivery

Flowers can easily get damaged in transit so you need to be extra careful with them. If you are worried about damaging your flowers before they reach their destination, then you can hand over this worry to your florist and easily arrange a flower delivery, so you can sure that your gift will arrive looking as beautiful as possible.

Next time you wish to send floral gifts keep these tips in mind; be thoughtful, work with your florist, wrap it don’t box it, personalise and deliver with care. The act of giving flowers itself will please most people, but an extra little bit of thought and effort can go a really long way, and you might get a better reaction than you could have ever imagined.

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